Friday, July 25, 2014

Wind & Storm

Thank the Lord we did not get the hail!  It just blew something fierce - we had part of our corn blow over, lost a lot of leaves & small branches on our trees-neighbors lost big ones-and some of the taller flowers in the gardens got broken off.  We had braved the winds before the middle of the storm to pick what pie cherries we could get and the rest will go to the birds as we had to remove the netting before it blew away.  the DH picked the raspberries, too, while I was pie cherry picking just in case we lost the canes, but they survived with just some blow down.
Not so lucky the folks around Pullman; they got golf ball size hail and heavy winds.  The farmers to suffered with lots of blow down & lodging of crops.
So, I've canned 5 more quarts of pie cherries and put a bunch more in the freezer to make jam as soon as I get some regular pectin.  The low-sugar stuff won't work with the amount of sugar one must use with sour cherry jam, LOL.

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