Sunday, September 28, 2014

family visitors

When a member of my family visits all things go on hold.
I love having my family around.  Especially one of my sisters & that's who came Friday and left this AM.
This is my #1 sister (I've said before that my sibs are all younger than me, so I designate them as #1, #2, or #3 as I have 3 of each brothers & sisters) coming down from Canada to visit with my dad  and keep him company over the anniversary of my mum's passing.  It will be hard I know and I am so glad she will be there !

'Fallish' weather today.  I took Daisy for long walk just to enjoy the wind and the cooler temperatures.  Autumn is my favorite season.
But after I get some grocery shopping done today it will be back to the work around here.  I got all the carpet & baseboards out of my craft room so it is ready to be painted and the new floor installed.  Looking forward to the lovely !!

My sis gave me an idea for getting rid of those pesky weeds (mallow) that I can't seem to control, no matter what, in the pathways and such in the garden & yard.  They used it on their farmstead in B.C.  I am going to cut the old carpet & pad into strips as wide as the pathways and cover the "damn" weeds so they get no light & nearly no water.  It was a very successful campaign in the "great north" for my sis & B-i-L.  I'll keep you all appraised of the success.

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