Thursday, September 11, 2014


It froze here last night - YES! ALREADY - and now there are no tomato or cucumber plants in the garden (I took them out today and salvaged what I could) and all my lovely dahlias are "crispy crittered" - they were cut off and I'll dig the tubers tomorrow so I can store them for next year. 

I finished the remainder of the pears today, turning them into fruit leather and dried pear slices.  We had bacon, onion, swiss chard quiche for supper - the chard was a little wilty, but I think it will survive a bit longer.  The only thing remaining now that is not on the way out are the kale plants and the late kohlrabi.

I found a pattern to use with the hemp yarn that I got to make msH a sweater, so I think I'll cast on tonight or tomorrow.  I have to work at the PP quilt stand at the fair selling raffle quilt tickets for a few hours tomorrow, but then I'll be back home so should have some time then, too.  Then on Sunday I will be demonstrating spinning at the local Artist Barn annual autumn celebration of local arts.  People seem to like this sort of thing so our spinning group volunteers each year.  There will be only a couple of us this year as there are other events on that weekend, too.

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