Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Had a bit of a scare - the DH had an eye incident while driving the bus; he experienced double vision and disorientation momentarily.  I took him to doc and they did tests, sent him to an eye specialist and he will be further tested.  In line for another CAT scan and an angiogram.  He didn't have the right symptoms for a stroke or even a mini-stroke (TIA), but since this had happened one time before they are looking for the cause.  For now he is fine and able to go back to work.  
Just gettin' old is scarey enough without that sort of thing happening!

On the home front the garden is almost done; nearly all plants are pulled or harvested and there are only apples left to harvest.  I'm not yet able to get to much inside work due to the upheaval of the new floors, etc. But, it will come.

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Kathy said...

Hope all is well with your DH.

We were just discussing whether to continue watering or give up and pull out the garden -- three tomato plants and two zucchini. It was not a good garden year, but here in the valley the afternoons are still hot.

drMolly, the BeanQueen