Monday, September 22, 2014

more on life

The house is coming along - slowly - but it is still disruptive all around.  The kitchen & dining area are nearly complete.  I have started putting back things, need to put the curtain hardware back up & hang the curtains.  
I love the floors & the new paint - it actually improves the lighting situation.  We thought the "pink" was quite light, but this off-white is better.

Today I'm making salsa from the rescued tomatoes.  It will not make a lot, but does use those tomatoes to keep them from waste.  
I still need to dig the rest of the potatoes, the carrots and the last of the beets.  I hope to get that done this week.

I finished the quilting - finally - on that mystic blue quilt and am planning on cutting some binding today.  I hope to get it on tomorrow or the next.  Then it will be on to the Round Robin installment.

The salsa is turning out very well.  I had to use some of the green tomatoes too as there were not enough of the ripe ones.  It just is not as red color as regular salsa, but tastes fine.
                                                                              "Salsa Amarillo"  

I got the binding cut and pressed, so tomorrow will begin to sew it on.  I did a bit of straightening up around here, but had to run to town to get more paint and some other stuff, so didn't have as much time as I wanted today.

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