Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tune-up Tuesday

Wish I could say I got lots done today..........................................BUT, unfortunately I have tweaked something in my back and the pain prevented me from getting anything done but the lightest of chores.

I canned the salsa - got 7 half-pint jars  - gave 3 of them to the #1GS & msH since they contributed almost half of the tomatoes.  I named it "Salsa Amarillo" since the addition of green tomatoes gave it a yellow orange color instead of the red of normal salsa.  It tastes really good, too!

I could not sit at the sewing machine so didn't get the binding done today.  And tomorrow I have to start emptying the sewing room for the new floor, so not sure when I'll be able to do it.  I plan to set up the machine in the living room while the sewing room is in transition.  I have to work on the Round Robin too, so will need to sew.  I'm hoping my back is better by tomorrow.

MsH had a great day playing in the sand & she "helped" me pick raspberries - help consisting of popping any & all berries picked into her mouth :~)

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