Monday, October 27, 2014

And again it's Monday

Which started off in a non-good way.  Apparently, the DH's clock set itself back for daylight saving time today instead of next Sunday!  If the #1 GS had not "texted" to say msH was not coming today and woke me up the bus driving would have started late today.
So, while he is dressing, I am making a cup of coffee & out the door he rushes.  And I am up early to try to figure how much I can get done today sans childcare.  I do love her so, but toddlers do have a way of keeping one away from their regularly scheduled work, LOL.

I need to make bread, finish up her Halloween costume, and get on with more house rearrangement.  The flooring for the rest of the house minus the bedroom carpeting is here & the BIG work starts tomorrow.

Cold & windy out today, but no rain forecast so I also plan to get some of that spading/weeding done.

OK, no weeding done, but I'm nearly done with the fairy costume.  Plus I did another batch of apples, about half done, and made applesauce.  I also got some more ironing done, pillowcases and aprons.

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Kathy said...

So glad you were awakened in time. And thanks for the reminder about our return to standard time -- coming right up.

drMolly, the BeanQueen