Saturday, October 25, 2014

Market Day

The #2GS helped me pull out the rest of the strawberries that I wanted to remove.  Now I hope the patch is in a more manageable size.  
 I tried to do some weeding out in our "water tower" flower bed, but there are so many dandelions, creeping charlie & lespedeza that I am going to have to fork up the whole thing to get them out and then replace the bulbs that are uprooted.  Those weeds have long roots and are very stubborn to remove.

Today was the last Farmer's Market until next May.  I got some more handmade soaps & shampoo bars, plus some late fruit and peppers.  
Then I did the rest of the weekly shopping plus got a new lamp for the living room and a step stool for the bathroom closet - making it easier for me to put the sheets onto the top shelf.

I hope to get some outside work done tomorrow if it does not pour down rain.  

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