Friday, November 21, 2014

Finishing on Friday

OK, so we really don't have much finished, but it sounded good.  The interior painting is, however, nearly done - just a tiny bit to do left.  The bedroom is going to be last as we still have to decide what kind of carpet to get.
I still have odd-ball things all over the house, making it hard to find things that one wishes to find.  But I know it will get better as we move along into the finishing end.  I have been replacing switch & outlet covers and getting ready to put the drapes back up.

Am still making progress on the craft room.  I got more photos and records in yesterday before msH & I went to her last swim lesson this year.  We have to wait 'til Dec 17 to find out when next year's lessons start.

We plan to work on the craft room some more today and perhaps get a bit of staining started on the baseboards.  They will be slightly lighter than the ones on the natural floor rooms as the floors are a bit darker in the other rooms and we want to have some contrast in them, too.

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