Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Focus

With the shelves back in my craft room I am trying to get things back into place.  But, because I want to update my inventories I am going through the storage bins, so progress is slower than expected.

Too, I am trying to make at least 2 "busy bags" each day that I have a bit of extra time.  I hope to have a decent inventory before I start putting them on the market.

It is still cold here.  The forecast keeps changing too.  No snow, but more cold; then a chance of a bit of warm-up which means it could snow.  Remains to be seen, of course.

I made some fruit crisp with the last of the fresh fruit from our trees; now it's back to frozen or canned for eating & desserts.  I plan to make rice pudding for our Wool Gatherer's potluck on Sunday.  Tomorrow will be shopping & more work on the craft room.

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