Tuesday, November 11, 2014

HAPPY 21ST ANNIVERSARY TO US ! & thanks veterans

Hey! how many of you always get a day off on your anniversary? 

the DH & I made the decision to marry on Veteran's Day - he gets a 2'fer, when we were working full-time we ALWAYS got the day off, and we don't forget (well at least we'll know we're celebrating something).

So, to celebrate we went out and bought some weatherization items for the house and some stain for the re-modelling.  We made a decision about what color to paint accents on our doors and window frames, too, ie. we found a color we liked.

Actually, we are mostly resting today and then we'll go out for supper or maybe wait until tomorrow.  Who knows?  At this stage of the game we'll do pretty much what we want, I think.

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