Monday, November 10, 2014

OK, I think we are ready

as we can be at the moment for some REAL cold.  I finished up all the outside prep, but have to wait until the weekend to get some more weatherization stuff for the house.  It is going to be a bit difficult to keep inside warm as we have no drapes up due to the painting.  It leaves quite an expanse of glass, so will have to just hope that the thermal panes do some of the work.

I frogged the scarf and re-started it with fewer stitches.  It seemed that the yarn was being used too quickly and that it would be somewhat shorter than I like scarves to be.  It has a repeat of 12 sts plus 8 extra so I just left off 12 of the stitches.  Should work out OK I think.  
I'm finishing up another bear - this time a knitted one - and plan to start some more soon.  I also plan to do some beanies for SFS as I haven't enough yarn to make another pair of socks and the team knit leg lady has no legs in the color of yarn I have.

And I am still working on my bags and the UFO quilt: cold weather projects

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