Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sunday's weekly round-up

It got cold A LOT SOONER than predicted.  Freezing hard Friday night made my work yesterday triple! After I got back from the week's shopping I had to make the cage for the berries, finish harvesting the beets & carrots, dig my dahlia's and take up the amaryllis, and make protection for my rose.
By the time I got done with that I was absolutely exhausted and my hand ached.  

I sat down and listened to some podcasts while knitting just a bit on my scarf (the one I had planned to use for the KAL on the NightBird video podcast that ended on October 31-needless to say I didn't get it done on time).  I read some in our book club book, Border Songs by Jim Lynch,  and just plain rested.

Today the DH helped me unload some of the compost - in between torrential rain downpours - onto the corn and potato patches.  I'm planning on putting the rest in the berry beds & the garden beds.

This evening I'm back to podcasts & some knitting.  I'm going to work on some more bears for the MBP.

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