Friday, November 07, 2014

Finishing on Friday

The wood flooring is all in !  Now comes a lot of painting and then adding the trim.  So, the house will be in disrupt mode for some time to come.  the DH is doing most of the painting, so that can only be done when he has time off, and will, thus, take a bit longer than if we had someone do it.  BUT is much less expensive.

I began making some of the bags I've been planning that will use the feed sacks recycled into a second life.  The #2 GS is going to sell them for me on his internet site.  I won't make much money, but it will re-use the feed sacks and I'll get a bit of spending money in the bargain.  It takes me about an hour & a half to do one.  I got 4 done today, but decided to quit when I made one that had the picture I had intended to be on the front, now on the side of the bag.  My first "second" in the bag making line. So, look for the "msH & Ahma's Busy Bags" coming soon!

The cold weather is supposed to come by early next week, so this weekend I have to finish my berry protection cage to see if I can get them to survive the season around here.  It would be nice to have some of those Cascade berries - will remind me of my mom & her pies and jam!

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