Thursday, November 06, 2014

more Thoughts on Thursday

Wow!  only a bit more & the floors will all be in but the carpet.  However, the rest of the painting & putting up the baseboards will be a while and the house is still a big mess.  
I think my OCD of organization is having a melt-down.

I finally was able to get a photo of the Round Robin top that I added a 6" border to.  It was to have some aspect of the center, so I added some fussy cut pics of horses (from the focus fabric) and then some borders & a bit of some other fancy prints.  It is a Christmas theme quilt and I hope my addition keeps to the idea the original quilter had for it.

Leaves are all over the lawn and the DH says he wants to get them up as soon as he has a bit of time.  But this house thing is "kicking all of our respective butts".

I get to take msH for a swim lesson tonight.  She so loves the water.  

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