Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Words on Wednesday

About half of the darker flooring is in.  It, of course, is looking really good, but oh I want my house back !!

I tried to find some fabric I had in my stash that I could use for the back of the "stack 'n' whack" UFO that I'm resurrecting, but NO-OO-OO-OO I couldn't even get to the bin.  So I used what I could find, some unbleached muslin; it's not near as pretty, but 'in a pinch' it is going to have to do.  I've finished 2 of the medallion blocks and am thinking about how to put in the sashing while working on the others.

I'm working slowly on the knee socks, trying to figure which toe-up socks (yes I am doing one more pair of those things) to use for the yarn from the frogged socks so I can try the "fish lips heel" pattern (available for only $1 on Ravelry).  The pictures of the heel look really nice and I've heard many people are trying it.

I'm also contemplating which yarns and/or fibers in my stash that I want to de-stash.  I'm also looking carefully at what books, fabric and tools I'm going to get to new homes.  I've way past reached "SABLE" and need to reduce !!  Last night at my quilting group meeting I was able give away about 6 books, HURRAH!

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