Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Drama, drama, drama

And then it keeps me from blogging.

I apologize to any readers for lack of posting.

It has calmed down.  

MsH & I, yesterday, decorated Christmas cookies.  Today we finished up bear #27 for the MotherBear Project.  I worked on my knee socks and am seaming the sweater that I knit for our little angel.  I worked a bit on the list for the last of the gifts I need to get and I did some cleaning.  Then I made some more cookie dough.  I hope to get some candy done tomorrow or Thursday.

the DH has been working as a substitute driver as his job as a temp is supposed to be laid off for the time the students are not in town.  But other drivers asked for time off & his boss asked him to do some subing.  He agreed as long as he could get off time to go to Yakima when his niece has cancer surgery.  Family is most important to us!

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