Thursday, December 18, 2014

thoughts on Thursday

Some of the drama has been resolved.  A salve to my tired spirit.

I got some gifts wrapped, but didn't get to the cookie baking.  I got discouraged in my holiday goodie making progress when I realized I had broken my candy thermometer and have to get a new one before I can make candies.

I plan to take the gifts for my sibs to the PO tomorrow to mail.  And, yes I know they won't get there in time, but I've already warned them.

 I will be one of those last minute shoppers on Saturday when I go do my regular shopping, plus the food for the dinners on Christmas Eve and Christmas.  We will have everyone here at one of the dinners or the other.

I hope everyone is getting their holiday prep & such nearly done.  It should not be as much stress as some often put into it.

Happy Holidays, all!

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