Thursday, December 04, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday

The party for msH was a rousing success!  Her parents made her a giant cupcake cake, she got gifts she really liked and it was a joy to see her have a good time.  Maybe it is a good thing her mother is finally back into her life - I guess it remains to be seen.

This morning was a real adventure.  There had been freezing rain all night apparently, and there was a thick coat of ice on everything.  I thought I had left enough time to get the vehicle ready to go, but NO - even the doors were frozen shut!  It took me 45 minutes to get it thawed enough that I could safely leave.  I made it to the appointment 5 minutes early - not the 15 minutes they wanted - so was lucky that I had called & let them know I might be late.  Aside from being "vampired" and having to "pee in a cup", as is per usual when you've gone to have an annual physical, I seem to be doing pretty well in the health department.

So, today I'm going to finish up some "Busy Bags" and do a bit more work on returning our home to a more normal structure.  I'm working on the office today.

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