Monday, December 29, 2014

Windy & cold - now that's the Palouse we know & love, LOL.

We got our winter beginnings right after Christmas - what a gift !

But around here we all know that we really need to have that snow cover for the next summer's water reserve in the soil.  Our agriculture would be "in a pickle" without it.

I'm working on the Round Robin quilt and hope to get all my pattern designing done this evening.

It's the DH's 65th birthday tomorrow, but he is going to go to see his niece as she is having cancer surgery on Wednesday.  Since her mom is passed on, the aunts & uncles will do a stand-in.  
Anyway, we will go to supper tonight to The Red Lobster branch in Lewiston - one of our favorite eating places & what better place to celebrate his becoming an OFFICIAL "old fart" !!

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