Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Managing on Monday & time for Tuesday

We got all kinds of work done on Monday & Tuesday.  Several doors are painted, bears for TheMotherBearProject are mailed off, progress made on both pair of socks, and the house has had some cleaning & put in order work done.  The bird feeders are full & the birds celebrate.  With the storage of the outside tree all of our Christmas has been put away.

I'm casting on a pullover for msH, the Ruffled Summer Top by Elna Nodel.  I will use some KnitPicks CotLin.

She got signed up for swim lessons too.  They start on Jan 17th.  She already was anticipating going swimming - twice she asked me as soon as she saw me if we were going swimming.  How could I refuse that???  We do have to get new suits and are going to go looking tomorrow for some.  I hope it is not too hard to find them because of the time of year.  There just won't be time to send away for any without having to pay high postage for fast shipping.

I'm still trying to come up with my "word for 2015".  Probably I'm over thinking it, LOL.
AHA!! I've got it!  Simply put PRIORITIZE.

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