Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WiP Wednesday

I had a big set back in my quilting work.  I thought I had figured the right amount to add to the Round Robin top.  But I must have written down the wrong measurement, because I came out short about 8 inches on each side.  So, now I will not get done in time for the deadline.  I need to re-do the blocks to add in the required amount.  

My knitting, however, is doing OK, I think.  No frogging or 'tinking' to do there.  Thank heavens!  I've made progress on all the projects, but am not near the end of any of them.

The #1 GS (daddy of msH) got a serious infection in his throat - very painful and will have to have surgery on his throat to drain an abscess.  He is on antibiotics and pain meds until tomorrow when they will do the surgery.

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