Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday's summation

A tiny bit of snow last night, but not cold, well for this time of year in this part of the world, anyway.

I'm making bread, 2 kinds: sourdough and Italian, to have with our "leftover, leftover soup".  For all you frugal homemakers out there; we have this delightful, if sometimes surprising, dish when there are some little bits of this and that left from previous meals.  NOW don't panic, I do not put weird things together, only food items that would compliment each other in a nutritious AND delicious soup.  
Today's selection is stewed chicken, various root veggies (onion, potato, carrot) and cream corn (this is homemade cream corn, not that disgusting stuff in cans from the supermarket).  Add a bit of broth and heat & one is on their way!

I also am working on the sweater for msH, both pair of socks, and the re-do of the beanie for the SocksForSoldiers project (I had to do it over due to the fact that somehow I had slipped a stitch W A Y down near the ribbing leaving an obvious hole in the hat.

Additionally, the Round Robin blocks are coming along nicely and I feel I can get done by the deadline, or at least near it, anyway.

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Kathy said...

My mother used to say that unless you're using leftover vegetables in soup once a week, you're wasting a lot of food. However, I don't remember a lot of homemade soup as I was growing up.

Sounds like some fun projects.

drMolly, the BeanQueen