Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

Rain Cloud clip art
Another wet day.  

I've part of our supper all ready to pop into oven and am making english muffin bread to serve with it.  

I got another 3 stack'n'whack blocks quilted and planned the sashing & borders for it. I know the theory behind sashing for quilt as you go, so hope it turns out as expected. The quilt would have been way too large for me to do it under my machine.  If I am successful, I plan to do more quilts this way.  

It is VERY difficult for me to wrestle a whole quilt under the regular machine and I have no long arm or anything of that sort.
This is a really old UFO and since this is the year of UFOs - of all crafts - I'm working hard at them.

I really have no UFOs in the knitting/crochet area, just OLD patterns and yarn for said patterns.  So, here I'm trying to do an old project in between my current projects of socks, MotherBears, SFS socks & hats, baby hats and such.  Right now I have a bear and 2 pair of socks going.  I'm planning to start some felted clogs as the 'OLD' project between.

My sibs & I are planning the party for our dad's 89th birthday in March.  We are trying to get a greenhouse kit that can be put up for him for this season of gardening.  The 'engineers' are figuring the best one to get and the 'laborers' hope to be able to get the work done while we are there for the celebration.  We hope to have as many family & extended family as possible there for this landmark day.

The DH got the garage about half cleaned out yesterday during his day off from work. There was quite a mess left in there from the floor re-do and it is going to take some time to get things back to normal.  Then the job of getting ready to convert it to a shop will begin.  We still have to find out about putting up a carport for our vehicles, too.

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