Tuesday, February 03, 2015

tuning up on Tuesday

I'm getting some quilting done on one of my MANY UFO's, finally.  I have so many things I want to finish that I sometimes feel quite overwhelmed.  
And I know the secret is one step at a time, but it is daunting.

Tonight is our local quilting group's monthly meeting.  They are having a "yard sale", but I am going to do my best to NOT be tempted by anything.  I truly DO NOT need more fabric.  I've made myself a promise not to buy anything unless I have nothing that will work in the stash.  And, yes, I know that seems to give me an out, but so far I have not given in and am using that which I have.  

I've started the cuffs on the FishLipsHeel socks, so I'm hoping to be done with them soon.  Then, I believe I shall cast on for some felted slippers.  I've had the wool for these and the pattern for quite some time - no time like now to do them, 'what'???

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