Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day & home again


We were off to Spokane for 2 days; the DH had an eye appointment and as we always try to combine multiple chores when we have to drive 90 miles (one way) to do this I also brought my gifted drum carder to get a replacement belt and my gifted 1951 Neechi sewing machine to have a tune-up so I can begin to use it.

We stayed overnight as the eye appointment was at 7:50 in the morning.  We got part of my chores done yesterday and enjoyed supper at The Onion, one of our favorite eating establishements in that fair city.  Today after the eye appointment we go the other started (have to return for machine in one week or so) and headed off home.

Our msDaisy missed us, of course, and even my chickens noticed that they didn't get their cracked scratch treat until this afternoon, LOL.  But we're glad to be home to sleep in our own bed tonight - never do well in motels/hotels.

I finished the knee high socks on the trip and also another baby hat - photos soon.  I started a crochet bear and we both did some reading, too.  We're not much for TV, so didn't even bother to turn it on.

This week the DH has off from bus driving due to spring break & we plan to finish hauling the remainder of the house re-do trash that is still here to the landfill.  Then is looks like we may try to begin the year's gardening by trying some tilling.  Hope the rain stops for a bit, but not too long.  We really need the moisture.

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