Monday, April 27, 2015

managing on Monday

I planted beets, carrots, spinach & chard yesterday.  Today I got some potatoes in by putting the seed potatoes on the ground I had cleared of strawberries and then covering them with straw.  When the potatoes sprout I will pile more straw on them so there will be plenty of dark space for the potatoes themselves to develop.  
The peas are sprouting and I shall have to put a fence around them to keep out the chickens.  The net I placed over them for that purpose would be tangled in the vines once they begin to grow.

All of the fruit trees are in bloom, but not sure if there will be success in fruit set as it keeps freezing at night still.  There has not been rain so if there are any bees left around here they should have been busy.

I harvested some rhubarb and made a cobbler, but I want to try some apple rhubarb quick bread, too. There was a recipe in this latest Quick Cooking magazine.

msH will be here tomorrow to "help" me in my orgainizing.  I finally have nearly all of the furniture back where it belongs, but now I have to finish the office & craft room as the things in there were just pushed aside and stacked to make room for the other things stored there while the floor was finished.

On Saturday after her swim lesson I finished the monster for her mom.  It's Lurleen, the laundry monster from Rebecca Danger's Big Book of Monsters.  Here she is enjoying carmel corn at her new home.

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