Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WiP Wednesday

I finished the top & pants for msH.  I got a picture of the finished garments, but forgot to get one of her in them.  She then proceeded to get fruit popscicle all over the front, so we had to remove the stain and have her folks wash them right away.  Oh well, no one said children were not going to be messy, LOL.

I got some more carrots & beets planted, so am nearly done with that part of the garden.  Yesterday I thinned the pears & the apples I could reach.  I see that the aphids are overwhelming this year.  The poor plum trees leaves are curling and dying.  I shall have to use insecticide on them to keep the poor things alive. Our winter was way to warm, no "bugs" were killed so we will have a real problem this summer.

The Cascade berries that my dad gave me survived well and now are covered with blooms.  We will get a handful of those lovely berries, so I hope that I can figure ways to keep them alive after they become large and long.  Those berries are S-O-O-O good !

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