Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Sampler

Took the #2GS & msH to the waterpark yesterday.  They, of course, had as much fun as ever.  

Today's plan is to get the shopping done and then some work around the house.  I have to prepare for the week and half that I will go to help at my dad's.  Here's hoping my gardens don't lose it all while I am gone. Much as I love the DH, I have to say he is not so good at garden maintenance & with the drought and no rain in sight I worry about the watering.  Plus, for the last 5 days of my absence he will be off on a motor cycle trip with my brothers and I will have to depend on "hired help" for the watering & animal care.

I'm plugging away at UFO's still and have finished one bear with another nearly done.  Plus I try to get in a little spinning each day.  My walking is going fairly well & I nearly always remember to do the arm weights in the mornings.  So far, so good.

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