Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

A log time between posts.  We have had some health crisis with my dad, but things seem to be getting onto an even keel now.  I plan on going to do some of the helping out for a while next week.

The garden is coming along, but is suffering from the lack of any precipitation in quite some time - the soil is drying out so quickly now.  We are picking strawberries and the blueberries are getting ready to harvest.  It's nearly time to pick the peas, too.  I've harvested one crop of spinach and hope to get one more before the heat takes its toll.

While I am gone the DH will have to "get the crops in" until he goes off with my brothers for a motorcycle trip at the beginning of July.

The crafts are in a sort of slow mode as much time is taken with garden & yard work.

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