Friday, August 21, 2015

It's National Lentil Festival time

So this evening we enjoyed lentil chili at the festival and treated ourselves to some kettle corn, too.  The chili was very good this year, not as spicy as some years & I like that much better.
It's still so very smoky from all of the fires around the area - the sun itself could be looked at directly through all of the smoke, showing itself as a dull red ball in the western sky.
So very sad to lose all of that vegetation, the homes, the wildlife and lives of some of the fire fighters as well.  We continue to pray for all.

I am still working on the autumnal clean-up and the mister is working away at his painting chore.  I went out and trimmed all of the dead limbs from the apple tree - the poor thing is being killed slowly by fire blight.  I picked the rest of the pears that had not been blown down by the high winds and have been sifting compost to add to my gardens.

On the crafting front I am still working on msH's sweater and doing a bit of spinning.  Too busy doing the out door work to get much else done.

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