Monday, September 07, 2015

Summing up on Sunday

Many good things this week - not counting the DH's tumble - including RAIN, RAIN, & RAIN.  I harvested the rest of the tomatoes (still green, but can be ripened) and the cucumbers (they had just given up I think due to the long lasting heat & such).  There are still some beets & carrots to go, but they don't complain, just sit there and wait to be used.
The chickies are back to their laying 2-3 eggs per day and they like the leftovers from the various harvests, too.
I am working on some quilts and some knitting, too.  So, I feel more productive this week.
The mister is on crutches and will do PT next week, he feels lucky not more happened to him when the human met the ground, as it were, LOL.

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