Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Terrific Tuesday

Getting cooler at night - actually had to turn on heat this AM.
Getting garden & fruits shut down for autumn / winter.  I still have to figure a way to protect the Cascade berries this winter - they have grown HUGE.  If I can do it we should have lots of berries come next summer as they even had a few this year when they were small plants.
I got the msH sweater raveled and the yarn soaked, & drying.  I'll be ready when the other yarn comes in to start  again.  Am still finishing the picot bindoff on the Glitz at the Ritz shawl - it is a L O N G thing.
I had to unsew two of the spiral log cabin borders on the 2012 Craftsy quilt top as I had forgotten to add the outside strip to the first two sides before measuring and attaching.  Ah, so it goes; when one project is coming along OK, two more catch you in the pants !
I've been slowly working on the #Twilter exchange blocks, have 4 complete, 2 more started, & 10 more cut out.  I'll get 16 in exchange & then determine how to make them into a quilt top.

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