Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Finale'

Well, the mr. & I got our annual 'fair food' fix last evening.  I was supposed to sell raffle tickets for our Palouse Patchers 2016 raffle quilt at the Latah County fair, but even after I had volunteered, was set up on the schedule, then removed from the schedule, then who knows ??? I showed up to find I was not needed.  We had eaten the junk food before the time I was to show up, so we just went & got an elephant ear from the Troy FFA wagon and went home.

It has been raining a bit so not too much done outside right now, but I've made the plans for the protective cover on the Cascade berries, finished the green manure plantings, figured how to make & cut the pieces for another compost sifter (this one with slightly larger wire mesh).  Otherwise I've been doing inside chores.

I made one "bag lady" for the DD at her work and am working on others.  I will make a couple of different styles and am writing down the directions so others can make their own when I've finished.  I shall post it on social media or some such.

Am also working on quilting & other fiber/fabric things, too.

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