Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Another Tuesday

And I'm home from my dad's for a couple of days - have to go back as someone still needs to be there to help deal with the latest "crisis".  When did dealing with one's parents become such a battle of wills - oh yes, I forget, it used to be them battling us & now it's the other way round.

Anyway that is what's up at Rosevale on the Palouse for the time being.  In these few days I'm home I am trying to get a few things done.  The mister is not much help - they mis-diagnosed his injury. When the knee did not get any better he went to his own doc and they had an MRI done; seems he BROKE his tibia and a tendon was torn, too.  Now he is waiting to hear from the orhtopedic surgeon about when they will do surger to repair the damage.
I have cleaned out the chicken pen and will harvest some beets and carrots before I go.  At my dad's I plan on processing some tomatoes he grew this year as there are still plenty left after my #3 sister helped him process some, my #2 sister took some home to use & some more given away.  He grows too much garden for "one old man" !!

Crafting is at a low point for now.

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