Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Travel & Epiphanies

Well, I am back from the latest installment of helping out my dad.  On the long trip back - and it is long when one is by one's self - I got to thinking about how tired I was, how my back & shoulders ached from the arthritis and  how I REALLY needed to practice some better eating habits (don't get me wrong here, we DO eat fairly healthy, but there could be some improvement).

I remembered that when I had to go in for PT for my broken limbs, etc. that the stretching exercises HAD helped me feel better.  And, I was reminded by my #2 sister when she came to visit while I was at dad's that yoga had helped her much with her fiber myalgia.  Then, of course, the light finally came on...........................................

I dug out my excercise sheets when I got home and started to do stretching this AM; I just started slowly, but I plan to add more each morning.  I know I will feel better.  I talked to the DH about it and he remembered CC & her yoga, suggesting I get myself a book & try it too.  I think I will look into that, too.  The healthy eating will also include an effort to eat seasonally and locally.  I want to have more control over what we consume.  
With so little control over our lives left to us I figure that is one way I can "stick it to the man" anyway.  And me being of that generation I figure "it's a go".

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