Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tune Up on Tuesday

Trying to get back on schedule for all things around here.  Hoping not have to go back to dad's until Thanksgiving.  It will be the whole family celebration as dad wishes everyone to "do Christmas" with their respective families.  It's a big job getting a thing like this together for so many, but it shall be done.

I finally got my garlic planted today.  Yesterday I started working on putting the berries to bed for winter.  A prickly chore to say the least.

I got a pattern to make msH her Halloween costume - she wants to be a pumpkin - and lucky for me the one pattern I could find was for toddlers and she will fit into the largest size of the pattern.  Next year she'll have to branch out, LOL.

In the craft area I am now making emergency "babies" for msH as she somehow lost her "red baby" - her security toy as she does not use a 'blankie' for that.  I'm hoping the replacements will work out for her.  Everyone needs their security.

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