Sunday, November 22, 2015

Summing up on Sunday for last week

OK, it's now the cold season; freezing each night and forecast for teens next week.  Just in time for us to leave for Thanksgiving at dad's.  It will be good to have everyone there.  I'm afraid there may not be too many more of these as it seems his health is just not getting better.  But I am not the one in charge of that so I can just pray.

I have just finished - right in time for cold weather - my summer bathrobe.  I'd been meaning to do this for some time, but better late than never;  I guess I'll be ready for next year.

I've nearly finished the Christmas socks for the DD.  Only one pair of slippers to go - unless, of course, someone else requests a pair of socks of slippers.

I'm still waiting for the new walking foot so quilting is at a standstill.  I did receive in the mail my Twilter #Hashtag Swap blocks.  They look really good - making me put on my thinking cap to plan a good display in the top.

OK, tomorrow will be busy getting things ready to go to dad's.  We will leave on Tuesday and come back on Saturday.  The #2 GS & msH will come with us as both the DD and m&m (second generation) have to work on Wednesday so will be arriving late at night before Thanksgiving.

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