Sunday, November 15, 2015

Summing up on sunday

Mayhap winter is finally coming.  There is snow in the forecast this week and temperatures at night are finally being all below freezing - admittedly not too much below, but......

Anyway, we are ready in that department.  Now to get the holiday decorations put up. I'm working on that slowly, but surely.  There won't be a great deal this year as the mister is not getting on any ladders to put the high lights up.  So it's up to me to do low ones and some on the outside shrubs & trees

I'm off to WoolGatherers meeting today.  It's the annual Stash Bash so I hope to get some of my over abundance cleared out.  I think most will be given away, but hey! if I can get a few bucks that will be OK, too.

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