Thursday, January 07, 2016

more for the new year

As Sandy at "Quilting for the Rest of Us" podcast suggests, here is my word of the year: PEACE.  Peace within my psyche & my soul, peace with the fact that I am me and it is about time I just kept on being me and stop trying to be someone I'm not.

OK, on with around here.  The snow is slowly going, but more is forecast.  I am not too sad about that as we need it so much up in the mountains & in our water reservoirs - whether physical, in the mountains or in the soil.  I am in the planning stages for next years gardens.  I apparently stored my sweet potato starter (my #2 sister gifted me one) in a too cold place as it started to spoil.  I'll look for some of that variety or she may be able to leave me some at dad's to pick up later.  Other items are going into a serious review to see what is going to work and what I'm just going to abandon.  I think I want to focus on successes and stop trying to do stuff that just does not work.

On the craft front, I'm nearly done with msH's felted clogs so I'll have 2 pair to felt. Then there will be pictures to share.  I plan to do another serious review in this area, too.  There are just too many things & not enough time.  

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