Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's time to get back on the horse

I let myself get caught up in my life & forget to put my thoughts & actions into my blog.
No apologies, just truth.

It's still too cold to even think about gardens, even if I've the seed & the "want to".  I have not been able to continue the pruning as it just keeps raining.

I finished msH's sweater and am now in process of blocking it.  I decided to make it without buttons and to just put in the grosgrain ribbon & add some snaps with "fake button" facings for the closure. It'll be easier for her to operate, I think.

I've about half done on my beret & some progress on the "knit your bawls" pink socks.  I finished the CASA quilt and it is now drying so I can turn it in at our March meeting.  I want to get started on the ones that I need to do for the leftovers from my mom's quilting fabric.  I've now another grand neice to add to the "pile", too.  Plus I have one more of my own nephew's to do and then I will be finished with my immediate family.  

That doesn't mean I'll be done with quilts I want to make for my family, it just means I'll have had one each made & given.

I'm not going to give up quilting any time soon, or ever for that matter.

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