Monday, February 29, 2016

Make it on Monday - Leap Day 2016

Got home yesterday after a LONG day driving back from my dad's.  There was an accident which closed the road and I had to double back quite a way to take the last bridge over the Columbia that I had passed.  So it took me an extra 3 hours - added on to the 7 it normally takes - to get home.  Boy was I tired.
My dad told me to tell the mister that today would be my day off, LOL.  And I'm going to take it !

I do have to make some bread, but I do it the "easy" way; I mix up the dough in the bread machine, plop it into a pan, let it rise & bake.  Super easy and we always have "good bread".  I'm making some raisin bread today.

I plan to try to finish my "knit your bawls" pink for February socks, but not sure if I can get them done.  I had to go with dad to the doctor while I was there and there was quite a few things to get done around the old homestead as he has been having some health issues and couldn't get them done.

I plan to go easy for supper, too as I am thawing lentil dish & brought home some salad that we didn't eat at dad's.  I'll serve it with some of the fresh bread.
Then tonight we're going to the #1 GS's birthday celebration.

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