Tuesday, March 15, 2016

tune up on Tuesday

The wind finally stopped blowing.  Some people lost power, one person was killed by falling trees and there was some property damage.  The climate change can bear responsibility for this I think. And, of course, we are partly to blame for the climate change.  It's a "Catch 22" anymore.

I got the pillow tops done, now to quilt them and make the backs.  They will be a bit difficult as I will have to figure how to put in a zipper that won't show.  I have an idea about making a small flap to cover them; hope it works.

I'm taking msH to the school for some testing they give to young ones to see if there will be anything that needs to be addressed when they go to school themselves.  It is free and a good thing for parents to be made aware if there are any problems before the children start school.  I hope the kids are able to get her in a pre-school as I know she would enjoy being with the other small ones. 

Not much gardening or outside work to do as the weather is so bad.  It's forecast to be better so hope that is so as I need to do more clean up and weeding.

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