Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy Birthday to my dad - he's 90 years today !

A dark rainy day here today, I hope it's better on the west side. Dad needs a good day for his birthday.  the Mister & I can't be there for his day, but some of the sibs will show up to wish him a good day.

I have all the fabric cut for the 3 pillows for the QS.  It's just going to take me some time to get them all done.  I want to put some fabric cording around the edges, but still have to find some cord that is small enough.  That which I have, I think, is too large. We shall see.

the Mister is working on his school bus driving test as he wants to take it next week.  The school wants him to be the substitute driver now, too as well as his part-time janitorial duties.  He likes working part-time as it still gives him time to do other things.

I planted lettuce in the cold frame yesterday and some radishes out in the regular garden bed, too.  I've cleaned up all of the winter survival things and now have to start getting all the annual protection gear ready.  I'm also planting some bulbs in the shaded area that will give us something that can survive there & look good, too.    

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