Monday, March 07, 2016

Making it on Monday

I have been busy today; I got the Cascade berries uncovered (although there is still a big pile of leaves to pick up) and put up on the rails for their growing season.  They seem to have fared fairly well and already had new leaf buds coming out.  As an aside, I forgot there were some bulbs planted close to them so some tulips and daffodils were up, too and so yellow.  I hope the poor things recover their cholorphyll soon.

I'm making cherry pie for dessert today - using up some more of the fruit in the freezer.  

I was so tired from working at the sausage feed yesterday that I went to bed at 8:30!  I didn't even stir when the mister came home from bowling - he told me that, LOL.

I'm about half way finished with the pillowcase for one of my entries in the quilt show. I plan to press the wall hanging today and then it will be all ready.  I've ONLY pillows & quilting the bed quilt to go.   ; - I

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