Sunday, May 08, 2016

the Rest Day

I was so tired from my long day yesterday that when I got home from shopping & the WG board meeting I just rested mostly.  I did a tiny bit of weeding in garden, but mostly I just read.  

I got myself a Mother's Day gift; when I was in Shopko getting a magnifying glass, I saw that they had their MD plants on half-off.  I got a lovely orchid + a tiny one (mother & baby orchids) for only $19.99.  They are both Phalenopsis orchids so should join my orchid family easily - I have only that group as they are easier to get to survive & bloom than the others.

Today I weeded & covered planting beds, plus mowed down some of the weeds too.  Now, I'm just going to relax.  

I got calls from my kids and messages from my grands, plus a call from the son of my late best friend Joyce.  A good mom's day all-in-all.

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