Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thoughts on Thursday

It's not so sunny out today, but I'm afraid there will be no rain.  I shall have to irrigate the gardens.  I want to get some fennel seed planted today, too, as well as a bit of weeding.  I worked on the sides of the strawberry bed yesterday, but I think I shall wait until tomorrow to do more.  I'm needing to get some top soil & some sand so I can fill them, too.

Am still working on socks - toe up, Fish Lips Kiss heel, & some cables up the front - in the two at a time AND two pairs concurrently method, LOL.  I'm making green & blue socks with opposite contrasting toes, heels & tops.

The Ladies Night Out at the local building supply was fun.  I got LOTS of annuals for my pots and a new perennial poppy that is pink instead of red, plus another lovely bearded iris to grace my flower beds.  Oh, I got 3 hostas, too for that area in the back where those "lovely" old neighbors planted all those stupid trees that shade our garden AND have roots coming up in my beds, too !!
I indulged in a bread stone, a small set of tongs & some really cute ramikins that I shall use for custard dishes, plus I got a big net for the cherry tree - although I'm sure I'll have to add length & width to it so we can be sure to cover tree.

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