Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunday, Sunday

Today started off well, we were getting a few things done around here so we could go camping next week, but by evening it had passed into the not so good area of occurances.

We went over to the trailer to install the window to find that all of the silicone had not been removed from the outside of the trailer so we had to start working on that before we could install.  Then we decided we would measure the home as we could not remember how large it was and we needed that information for selling purposes.  
As we were taping the outside I accidently stepped in a big hole in the neighbor's yard and twisted my ankle as I fell.  I heard a crack and felt a lot of pain.  So, the mister got me the step stool, helped me up and I hobbled my way, leaning on the stool, to the car.  We came home, I put the leg up and put on ice.  But upon futher observation and some more thought we decided to go to the emergency room.

Long story short - I spiral fractured the outside of the fibula bone at the ankle.  I'm now in a boot and have to leave it on for quite a while.  Score another one for "clumsy carp" here.

BUT..... we're still going camping.  I am not about to give up my time away from home.

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