Wednesday, June 08, 2016

WiP Wednesday

A nice potluck last night for our "end of year" meeting at Palouse Patchers.  Good food, good friends & nice gifts, too.

I've been working on thinning the fruit on the pears & apples.  Still need to finish the netting for the cherry tree, although I did get the berries all covered.  We should start having some strawberries soon. I hope I can get some before we go camping & that they are not all done while we are gone.  It is supposed to cool down a bit for weather around here, so mayhap we will get lucky.  We seem to pick the wrong time to go camping when it comes to harvest around here; but then maybe there is no really good time with gardens & fruit.

I am working on quilts as well as other crafts during the HOT of the day.  The outside work is done in morning & evening when it is a bit cooler (not much though, so is very tiring).  We have summer challenges for the quilt group & I'm ahead a bit, LOL.  One of them is to try & finish our oldest UFO. I'm not sure, but I think the paper-pieced "Sunshine & Scraps" (circa 1998) is the oldest one I can date.  I've done the top and pieced the back so now if I can get the sandwiching & quilting done I'll be done way "in time".
I need to clean the garage so I can set up my tables for that part of the work.  I'm going to try to do that while getting ready to go camping next week on the weekend. msH is off to her one of her other grands, so there will be more time to concentrate on what needs to be accomplished.  

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