Saturday, July 09, 2016

Back at the grind

Home from dad's - good visit - helped him with some stuff and the Mister got a BIG generator for the house (when our power fails - an too often unfortunate occurance out here).  My son came down for a bit of a visit as he starts a new job this next week but his missus is working too and, of course, not on the same schedule so could not come.
We shall have to make a trip over there come autumn, I think.

Got home to a veritable storm of produce: picked cascade berries, raspberries, black caps, a few pie cherries (luckily they will last for a bit longer).  It was raining for the last few days, but the fruit needed to be harvested, so I froze it right after picking so the wet did not hurt anything.  I'm trying for the first time drying some pie cherries.  I found a recipe for dried pie cherry pie.  I also will make some chutney as there are so many.  On top of that while we were coming by the Banner Ranch near Clarkston, WA we saw that they had apricots so I got a couple of boxes to dry & to can.  They are just for me as the DH does not like apricots - do I feel bad about that you may ask - bet you can guess the answer, LOL.  Then I picked the few peas that were ready; they were attacked by pea enation virus and the harvest was mighty slim.  I'll need to find a variety that is resistance for next year.

The #2 GS is here helping me with some things that I am just unable to do on crutches.  And, I went & picked up my 2 new hens from the man who had some for sale.  They are out in a cage in the chicken run so the "old" hen that survived can get used to them before release.  Need to have harmony in the chicken house.

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